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Client: Cultivated Films, LLC
Services Rendered: Project Management:Short-term Public Relations 
Industry: Film

Christmas Wedding Baby (CWB), a romantic “dramedy” set in New York City and Jacksonville, Florida, is the story of three sisters struggling to find happiness during the holiday season. CWB made its worldwide movie premier in the Fall of 2014 at the Urban World Film Festival in New York City; and followed with a television debut on BET during the 2014 holiday season. This was the first feature-length movie for award winning filmmaker,

Interview with Lisa Arrindell Anderson (plays Lori in the film)
Behind the Scenes interview with Lisa Arrindell Anderson

Kiara C. Jones (of Cultivated Films, LLC) who was previously named as an “emerging filmmaker to watch” by Huffington Post.

Tabb Management had the honor conducting behind-the-scenes interviews with the cast of the movie prior to its release. Subsequently, Tabb would be hired again to work with the CWB team for its proven track record of effectiveness and influence.

Our Mission

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To expose the Philadelphia region to indepdent film, Christmas Wedding Baby (CWB) and generate a more captivating buzz around the movie prior to its next major public release on Netflix.

Our Work

Tabb Management focused its efforts on building CWB’s exposure around the Blackstar Film Festival in Summer of 2015. Tabb organized an exclusive after party to compliment the screening at the film festival to increase the film’s attendance rate. Tabb also organized a media blitz targeting film and movie reporters, bloggers, and enthusiasts. This created an opportunity for influential attendees to socialize with CWB’s filmmaker and producers, as well as garner more comprehensive interviews.

Our Impact

Tabb Management helped to sell out the screening of Christmas Wedding Baby (CWB) at the Blackstar Film Festival, as well as sold out its exclusive after party. Several influential media outlets attended the after event; and CWB received extensive, positive reviews and pieces on its movie experience. The outcome left the CWB team extremely satisfied and they expressed a desire to continue working with Tabb Management on future projects. Philadelphia’s Blackstar Film Festival screening of the film had the most press coverage than the project had received.

Check out the trailer below: