Before my side-hustle upgraded to full-time, I learned as I went and was a Jane-of-all-Trades, expert in none. I was not concerned much about how I spent my time. I focused more on quality of outputs, than quantity of inputs. It mattered very little if a project took 2 or 65 hours, as long as the end result was to my standard and exceeded expectations. My full-time salary was a safety net, so each project was inherently fulfilling and did not require an analysis of time. Oh, the luxury. Looking back, I had a fast-paced hobby as a leisurely income stream. Now that I run my business full-time, my time is directly connected to income. I have begun to live the adage “time is money” and now have to balance quality and quantity.

Experience begets wisdom:

If you, or more specifically your client or project is attached to an actual deadline you should be considering the time it takes for the completion of each task. You were hired to be an expert (or at least good) at the job at hand. Yet some jobs require things that are a little beyond the scope of your expertise. When considering whether you should try it yourself or seek outside service, you need to ask yourself only one question:


Will it take longer for me to complete?”


If the answer is “yes”, you are then taking time away from the things you actually know how to do and are needed to meet your deadline. It is okay that you are not an expert in all things, be an expert in delegation and HSE.


Maybe that did not resonate and you need this with a little more flavor:

You do not have time to do everything when everything takes time and time equals money! Do the things you are good at and learn the things you would like to be good at…on your own time!

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