About Us

Since 2010, Tabb Management has been Creating Things We Wished Existed independently and in partnership with mission driven organizations and creative professionals, positioning them to deeply connect with their customer, clients, and communities through creative and community-focused project management. 

Our Approach

Creative Solutions

Tabb Management applies a fresh lens to project management. We focus on projects rooted in community engagement that call for innovative solutions.

Vibrant Communities

Tabb Management uses creative placemaking to leverage the power of arts, culture, and wellness to catalyze positive change, strengthen communities, and create inclusive, sustainable places.

Unforgettable Experiences

We design engaging public events and experiences that are an interweaving of place, vision, audience, and logistics.

Collaborative Process

Data driven decision making from a variety of sources like cultural, community, and strategic plans inform the work we do in partnership with mission driven businesses and organizations.


  • Tabb Management has been an excellent resource for Wexford as an event planner, manager and executer. They have a passion for working with the local community and finding creative partnerships.

    Wexford Science + Technology

  • Tabb Management was a steady and consistent partner! They made the Block Party a success.

    Asian Arts Initiative

  • Tabb Management is extremely skilled at event planning and their passion for sustainability, creating vibrant green and open spaces, and improving the quality of life for Philadelphia residents was the cherry on top.

    North Broad Renaissance

  • Thanks to Tabb Management, lower Lancaster Avenue “LoLA” is well on its way to becoming a destination for arts, culture, and events transformed by African American artists and business owners.

    HopePHL CDC

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